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Criminal Defense for Wisconsin Professionals & Their Families

When your Liberty & Reputation are at Stake.

“My clients rely on me for the best possible advice and the most effective outcome. I pride myself on my courtroom abilities, attention to detail, and clear communication.”

White Collar Offenses

Our practice focuses on protecting the rights of Wisconsin business professionals under investigation for criminal and regulatory offenses.

Drug Crimes

Attorney Adams knows what steps an accused person can take to minimize and mitigate the impact of drug offense arrest.

OWI / Drunk Driving

Drunk driving (OWI) is the most common criminal offense for business professionals and their families.

Criminal & White
Collar Defense

About Attorney Dan Adams

If you or a family member are the target of a criminal investigation, you need experienced, aggressive and effective representation.

At Adams Law Group, LLC we understand the stress created by criminal charges. As a former prosecutor, Dan Adams has handled thousands of felony and misdemeanor cases in virtually every area of criminal law. As a defense attorney, Dan knows the destructive effect created by the threat of incarceration, loss of employment, separation from loved ones, public embarrassment, and the debilitating uncertainty of criminal charges.

His goal is to use his experience and skill to minimize the impact of the criminal process for our clients through early intervention (often before a case is filed) and case-specific targeting of weaknesses in the government’s case.

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