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Traffic and Municipal Offenses

Face it – everyone is bound to receive a traffic ticket at least once in their life. Adams Law Group is ready to help you deal with this when it happens to you. Give us a quick call at 414-921-1945 for and we will get started on defending your Wisconsin traffic citation immediately.

Want to know more about what to expect from Milwaukee County’s traffic court? See our guide here.

Although municipal and traffic cases are non-criminal proceedings, they can still have far reaching consequences and must be taken seriously. Whether it is a first offense Operating While Intoxicated (OWI 1st), a drug possession ticket, or even a citation arising from an accident, each of these situations can affect other aspects of the accused’s life in significant ways.

For an OWI 1st, an adverse result carries with it a suspension of driving privileges and makes any future OWI cases criminal offenses. Drug possession tickets can impact student loans and other programs. In the case of a ticket arising out of an accident, a guilty plea can make it much easier for a personal injury attorney to make his case against the driver. In all of these situations Dan Adams uses his experience to help minimize the long term impact and protect their client’s future from the adverse consequences of the citation or violation.


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