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OWI / Drunk Driving

Drunk driving (OWI) is the most common criminal offense for business professionals and their families. While common, the effect of a drunk driving conviction can have major, negative impacts on your reputation and career. However, just because you were arrested on a drunk driving charge does not necessarily mean you will be found guilty of that offense. There are constitutional and statutory requirements law enforcement must follow to lawfully arrest and convict you of a drunk driving offense. Analyzing the government’s case and pressing the government to make it’s case requires a competent and experienced attorney.

Attorney Dan Adams has handled Wisconsin OWI cases as both a prosecutor and defense attorney. He is trained to look for the weaknesses in the State’s OWI case and determine whether a conviction can be avoided.

Attorney Adams handles all Wisconsin OWI offenses including, OWI 2nd, OWI 3rd, and felony OWI cases which include OWI 4th, OWI 5th and subsequent offenses, and OWI causing injury.


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